ELLEN, LYDIA AND JUDE ARE BEST FRIENDS. THEY LIVE ACROSS THE STREET FROM ONE ANOTHER. Ellen is a widow with a serious case of writer’s block who refuses to let her deceased husband and writing partner go even though there’s a fast approaching deadline to read her overdue novel in front of her rabid steampunk fans! Her best friends (and fellow widows) Jude and Lydia, drag her to a bereavement group in hopes of getting her “un-bunged”. They meet widower-facilitator Marcus whose bizarre methodology has an immediate and libidinous effect on the women – especially Ellen. In her panic to escape “those feelings” she crashes into Marcus’s RV leading Lydia to invite him to park in her neighbouring driveway to fix it. Bare-chested and in a utility kilt, he infiltrates their lives and Ellen’s sexual fantasies. She tries to resist his charms, but the more they work on her writer’s block the more smitten she becomes. Her feelings unleash a series of misguided events revealing hard truths between the widows’ and threaten their 30-year friendship. Friendless, and if front of hundreds of angry fanboys ready to lynch her, can Ellen let the past go and find her own voice – both love and in the present?

It’s never too late to bloom!

Director: Trent Carlson
Producer(s): Trish Dolman, Christine Haebler, Trent Carlson
Written By: Sue and Jason Bourque, Ita Margilit
Budget: $5 – 6 million
Development Funding: Telefilm Canada, Creative BC, Superchannel