FILMED ENTIRELY IN KURDISTAN, NORTHERN IRAQ, THE FIRST MOVIE IS A MAGICAL DOCUMENTARY EXPLORING THE DREAMS, IMAGINATIONS AND ASPIRATIONS OF ITS CHILDREN, and the memories, suffering, and fear of its adults. After losing 50% of its inhabitants to the gassing and kidnapping practices of Saddam Hussein, Kurdistan, a beautiful landscape of mountains, waterfalls, and pink palm trees, strives towards an uncertain future dependant on the development of its youth. Provided with cameras and tutorials, the documentarians will encourage the local children from this war torn region to explore their “secret weapon”- their imaginationas they use the magical medium of cinema to share their stories. Children in Iraq are terrified of war and insecure about their future, and yet their sense of play, creativity, and adventure is robust. In a vivid, unfolding, and engaging way, The First Movie will tell the stories of children in Kurdistan getting their hands on the greatest box of magic in the world: Filmmaking.

Format: HDV, Color, English, Farsi and Kurdish
Running Time: 76 minutes
Director/Cinematographer/Writer: Mark Cousins
Producer(s): Gill Parry, Trish Dolman
Sound Recordist: Brent Calkin
Editor: Timo Langer
Composer: Melissa Hui
Translator: Gharib Rauf Ahmad
Sound Designer: Miguel Nunes




Winner | The prestigious Prix Italia for best Arts Documentary in Turin on September 24th 2010
Nomination | Top  RTS Award Nomination for a prestigious Royal Television Society Program Award in the Arts Category
Nomination |Banff World Media Festival Rockie Nomination for best arts documentary 2010


Glasgow Film Festival 2010
Telluride Film Festival 2010