Comedy Series

A thirty-minute fish-out-of-water series about nineteen-year-old Ada Salomon, her baby brother Abdual and her parents Ara and Karim – Muslim refugees who come to North America with only a drive to survive and a determination to forge a new life for themselves, even if that involves managing such nightly festivities as Boogie Bondage and the ever popular Dick or Dare. The morning they arrive at the self-storage warehouse owned by their cousins Abir — where they are to live and work — they are informed by his business partner (and lover) George that Abir killed himself the night before. Within hours, Ada also discovers that the storage business is actually a cover for a sex club, and worse, that her cousin’s real business partner is the Russian mob. They are given a choice by their new mob employer to either help hide Abir’s death and manage the swinger/sex club with George, or vacate the apartment, lose their promised employment, and put at risk their refugee status.
This is an extremely timely concept with high-arcing, compelling characters and universal themes of family, community, religion, and sexuality. These elements provide an excellent recipe that promises deep conflict and stakes that increase exponentially with every episode, peppered with dark humour in the vein of Weeds, Shameless, and Better Call Saul

Developed for Television By: Jeff Kopas
Executive Producers: Trish Dolman, Christine Haebler, and Jeff Kopas