WELCOME TO CONSPIRACY PROJECT, a new dramatized/factual “hybrid” series from Screen Siren Pictures. Each hour-long episode investigates the dark side of what really could be happening out there in the big, bad world. Are there really madmen looking to force their agendas of domination, control and subjugation on a hapless population? What will some people do to get ahead in this world? Dark, scary, thrilling and suspenseful, Conspiracy Project brings these conjectures to television in a new format which weaves interviews with real people into highly stylized fictionalizations with eye-popping production values. The stakes are high for viewers to make up their own minds as to whether or not these sometimes outlandish and sometimes frighteningly real claims could be true. Stayed tuned for something brand new to hit the airwaves.

In Development With: Discovery Canada, BCFM and CMF Pre-Development
In Association With: Sundance Productions
Producer(s): Trish Dolman, Michael Ghent
Executive Producers: Laura Michalchyshyn