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Eco-Pirate receives great reviews and sold out audiences at Hot Docs

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Eco-Pirate: The Story of Paul Watson

Trish Dolman (Canada)

***Part of the Vancouver group of journalists and activists who founded Greenpeace in the early 1970s, Paul Watson broke away from the more mild-mannered environmental organization and, through his Good Shepherd Society, emerged as the heroic, headline-grabbing poster-boy for environmental activism: From ramming whaling trawlers at sea to destroying half the Iceland whaling fleet, he has fought seal- and whale-hunting industries with a disregard for personal safety and a flair that has even made him a television star on Animal Planet’s Whale Wars program. Perhaps because she’s a woman director, Trish Dolman – who joined Mr. Watson’s crew on several of its hair-raising escapades – also pays attention to his domestic life, creating a refreshingly rounded picture of a modern real-life action hero. Mr. Watson is both courageous and inspiring but also insufferably pompous and far too fond of himself for such mundane commitments as being an attentive father or husband. L.L.